Tuesday, December 8

1 PM EST | 10 AM PST

7 Changes You Must Make to Support Extended WFH With Citrix

As employees feel the pressure to complete their daily tasks and meet deadlines, their tolerance for poorly performing remote applications, desktops, and servers will become lesser and lesser. At the same time, IT administration and monitoring techniques that worked when most employees were working from their offices may not work when they are remote.

If you continue to ignore what is needed to support remote employees and keep them productive, the problems you face will simply get worse.

In this webinar, D.J. Eshelman, Author of Be a Citrix Hero, reveals forward-looking strategies and best practices that enable Citrix Consultants to charge over $250 per hour!

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Insightful monitoring methodologies to support your remote workforce with ease
  • Things you should be doing now instead of waiting to be told what to do. For example:
  • “Investigate user workflows at home compared to office”
  • “Watch out for new workarounds that users create–inside out and outside in”
  • “While optimizing your Citrix environment, RemotePC is your friend, VPN is the devil. The DEVIL.”

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Webinar Speaker:


D.J. Eshelman

Author, Speaker, and Coach

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