Best Practices for Troubleshooting Slow Citrix Logon and Ensuring Excellent User Experience   

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Slow logon is one of the most common complaints faced by Citrix administrators. It is not easy to uncover the cause of the slowdown, as the XenApp / XenDesktop logon depends on so many factors: client-side connectivity, Active Directory authentication, StoreFront connection, Citrix server-side processing, user profile load, GPO processing, and more.

Watch this on-demand webinar by John Worthington, Director of Product Marketing for eG Innovations, to learn some best practices for easily diagnosing and troubleshooting Citrix logon problems. 

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • Why the combination of synthetic and real user logon monitoring techniques helps remediate logon issues and ensure exceptional user experience.
  • How to baseline logon performance and get alerted to deviations proactively.
  • How to intelligently detect and solve Citrix logon issues before your users notice any slowness and complain. 
John Worthington
Director of Product Marketing
eG Innovations

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