Enterprise Monitoring 2018 - Converged Application and Infrastructure Monitoring from a Single Pane of Glass

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Application architectures have become more distributed, heterogeneous, and reliant on supporting infrastructure tiers. The new year will see customers beginning to realize they need to expand their APM monitoring capabilities to provide visibility of these supporting IT infrastructure components. 

Application managers and IT teams are realizing that they need contextual visibility into how an infrastructure problem affects application performance, and seek APM solutions that can cross-correlate code-level and transaction-level performance with the health of the supporting physical, virtual, container and cloud infrastructures.

Watch this webinar, by John Worthington, Director Product Marketing at eG innovations, as he discusses why this cross-correlation is so important and what's required to achieve it.

In this webcast, you will discover:

  • Why monitoring applications in isolation will not be enough to monitor digital business service performance
  • What's required for the enterprise to achieve total performance visibility
  • How you can build an incremental plan for achieving transparency in digital service performance monitoring



John Worthington
John Worthington
Director of Product Marketing
eG Innovations

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