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[Accelerate IT Transformation by Combining App & Infrastructure Monitoring ]


What leaves visibility gaps and demands higher levels of time and expertise from IT professionals? Having different consoles for application code visibility vs. IT infrastructure management. The convergence of application and infrastructure monitoring offers significant opportunities to drive IT transformation using IT service management, DevOps and/or a combination of both.

View this on-demand webinar, ‘Closing the Visibility Gap | How to Combine Application & Infrastructure Monitoring to Accelerate IT Transformation ‘, the first of a ‘shift-left’ series, that will highlight how you can meet the emerging requirements across both the ITSM and DevOps lifecycles.

In it, you will discover how to:

  • Get a baseline of monitoring in an IT transformational context based on ITSM and DevOps
  • Find out how converged application and infrastructure visibility can help accelerate IT transformation efforts with ITSM, DevOps or both\
  • Understand how monitoring can accelerate cultural change and accelerate IT value delivery to the business without flying blind



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