Complimentary White Paper

What Should You Look For In A Cloud Performance Management System?


Although easier to provision and operate, cloud computing does not reduce the complexity of the infrastructure that you have to manage. Business users, however, do not care about this complexity but rather just want business services to be reliable and responsive. Whether users may be experiencing connection problems, slow or degraded performance, disconnects or reliability issues, your job is to quickly figure out what is causing the issue and resolve it rapidly to ensure optimum cloud performance, user satisfaction and business productivity.

Download this white paper to find out how the right cloud performance management system needs to incorporate performance management from three different perspectives:

  • FROM the cloud 
  • OF the cloud
  • FOR the cloud

This approach will help you to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a problem by providing a much more holistic view into every tier of the cloud infrastructure – ensuring quick resolution – or even prevention – so business services are running smoothly.

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